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Today, advertising is very dynamic than ever before. For your business, it is not enough just the online presence. The development of numerous communication platforms has made the interaction with your consumers, and the potential one, to be more complex. All of this, at the same time, has prompted us to launch new products that will facilitate your life. It will help and it will rise up your brand to the highest level. We do not offer to the businesses only advertisement space, but information as well, statistics that will help you to achieve your goals, to establish close relations and interaction with your clients. Always we have been and we are the leaders in this industry.

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Advertising on Mobile

A word: The future. If advertising in mobile is not included in your marketing scheme, you are not looking to the future. Today, close to 80% of daily visitors in Telegrafi come through mobile devices, and we have products designed particularly for this platform that gives the expected result. Mobile gadgets are always in the move, as well as your brand is.

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Advertising on Desktop

Despite that up to 80% of visitors come through mobile devices, this cannot skip the value and the impact of advertising in the desktop. By all means, you have to be present with desktop ads. Your advertisement must appear to the visitors who come through the computer. Over the time, through the data that we will provide for you, you will have a better picture of your online clientele. Then, you can orientate your focus - more desktop or mobile.

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Native Ad

Native Ad is a form of advertising which is in harmony with the style, design and the website format. Unlike banners, Native Ad looks like an ordinary news that does not confuse the reader, at the same time providing similar information with other news which can be to the benefit of the reader.

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Sponsored Article

Frequently, the campaign message cannot be incorporated only in one banner. But, you have to be sure that your message has been clearly transmitted till the end. In order to achieve this, you need a more space than just a banner. Here, better will help you a sponsored article that will be published in the portal and thousands of potential consumers will receive your message.

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