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Sponsored Article

Frequently, the campaign message cannot be incorporated only in one banner. But, you have to be sure that your message has been clearly transmitted till the end. In order to achieve this, you need a more space than just a banner. Here, as better as possible will help you a sponsored article that will be published in the portal and thousands of potential consumers will receive your message.

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Why publish a Sponsored Article?

Unbiased and righteous reporting to the public is also one of the main reasons why Telegrafi has always had loyal visitors. Informing about the latest developments is the primary reason of the visitor in the portal and not the information just from the banners. An article for your business (ex. last offer, product launching, etc.) will have the higher impact than the publishing of a sole banner. While on the banner you are restricted, in the article you have more space to include all the necessary information in relation to the campaign in question. This article follows the reader in the entire portal, during 24 hours from the time of publishing. Also, in the package of the sponsored article is included the dissemination in social networks. This will make even more effective the article, and your campaign en block.

Sponsored article on portal

Except for the text, in the sponsored article you can mix in photos, videos and hyperlinks that will make your article more interactive and the reader will not hesitate to read it till the end, as well as interact with the material in the article.

Sponsored Article on Facebook

This article will be spread in social networks, respectively on Facebook and Twitter. In social networks as well, through different ways of targeting and promotion of the content and brand, we show the article to the readers that we think are in your scope of interest.